Tango Virus

“Tango Virus” is one of the project where technology and performance arts cross.

The audience enters a dark place where can only be seen two video projections and a space illuminated in shape. Once the audience decides to dance in the illuminated space, the movements are captured by a camera on the roof generate a visual pattern in one of the projections, such pattern transforms into a virus that attacks the song. As a result, the pattern generated by the dancing trace can be seen in the projections and also the way in which this pattern, turned into virus, attacks and infects the song. The song undergoes changes every time more radical and violent. After this, two things might happen: the song manages to defend itself against the virus with its immune system, acquiring antibodies against this kind of virus (i.e. it becomes immune to similar patterns), or if the song is attacked by several virus and it cannot recover from these foreign bodies´ attacks, it later collapses and dies.


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UCD - Interactive Media Design

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